5 easy steps to brushing your hair the right way

mujo 5 easy steps to brushing your hair the right way

Brushing our hair is one of our most usual beauty routines. A second-nature habit for which we develop various techniques, brushing comes with its own set of rules.

Having healthy hair has a lot to do with diet and exercise, environment and chemicals, genes and overall health.

But how you groom the hair is also relevant, and there are many things to consider in relation to how you’re supposed to do it.

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Following these easy steps will make your hair silkier, more beautiful and healthy-looking.

#1 Choose a hairbrush according to texture of the hair

Hair texture is divided by thickness and curliness into 3 categories: African Caribbean, Asian, and Caucasian.

Caucasian hair is of various types as well and can be dry, normal, and greasy or a combination of any of these. When you choose a hairbrush, you must know into which category your hair falls. For example:

  • For thick hair, use a synthetic bristle brush, which doesn’t create so much static and detangles the hair better.
  • For straight hair, use the natural bristle brush, which does not only help distribute natural oils along the length of the hair, but it’s also going to accentuate your hair texture and make the hair silkier.
  • For frizzy hair, use a wide toothcomb instead of a brush if you want to reduce the amount of hair frizz.
    Also, make sure you clean your styling tools regularly to avoid damaging the hair.

#2 Be wary of over brushing your hair

If you ever heard your dentist say that proper technique for brushing the teeth is using gentle strokes and brushing no more than three times a day except when indeed necessary, then you should also now that a similar conduit applies to brushing hair.

Avoid brushing your hair too much, and opt for styling it using only your fingers when possible. You could just brush it in the morning, then not brush it again until evening time or even until your next shower.

This technique is especially going to work well for curly, as well as for wavy hair that tends to be very frizzy.

#3 Avoid brushing from the root down

If you start brushing the hair at your scalp, you’re more likely to damage it because of all the tangles and the knots you run into along the length. Instead, start brushing the ends first, then move a few inches up, and finally work your way to the scalp.

#4 Comb wet hair instead of brushing it

When wet, hair is more prone to breakage and using any kind of brush would most likely lead to damage.

The best way to work around this is if you have to style wet hair, use the wide toothcomb instead of brushing. Use short strokes and consider applying a leave-in conditioner, which is going to smooth the hair and make it look beautiful.

#5 Use heat styling tools less frequently

If you’ve been using blow driers, curly irons and flat irons frequently, then you may have noticed a change in your hair. Maybe it’s a lot drier or a lot frizzier. Maybe your ends tend to split more easily or you experience excessive breakage.

This happens because too much heat adds stress to the hair, draining it from moisture and changing its texture completely.

Every once in a while, give your hair a well-deserved break from everything heat-related, and always remember to use heat protection sprays or serums.

Those were my thoughts of the day on the 5 easy steps to brushing your hair the right way. Keep it classy and…don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals, fashion and beauty trends.

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