3 tips for a wallet-friendly Black Friday 2014


Discounts night, also known as Black Friday, is a highly anticipated event for customers, but also for the online stores due to the record sales. This year Black Friday will be on 28th November. Some online stores will continue sales during the entire weekend.

The fact is that there will be big cuts on prices, so we have to be prepared. And I don’t mean just that you have to register at your favorite online store and stay logged in.

From past years experience, Black Friday sales are worth watching because of all those awesome fashion items you crave for but can’t really afford that you can buy now at really low prices. My tips for a great Black Friday are below.

Black Friday 2014 – Smart tips for shopping online

1. Make a list.

Put on paper what you want to buy on Black Friday. Be organised, prioritize and don’t forget your budget.

My list:

  • a thick winter jacket
  • a dress for New Year’s Eve party
  • a leather bag
  • a pair of suede boots
  • a smartphone or a tablet for husband
  • Princess Celestia for my daughter

Yes, you guessed it! Getting ready in time for Christmas presents too :).

2. Tech first.

Fashion items don’t get swiped very fast, usually you find a lot of similar products, the range is more diverse.

But if you want a low priced iPhone, man these damn things go fast. Keep your finger on the trigger, well, mouse button, because stocks are exhausted immediately. Be logged into your account, refresh and act quickly. Don’t think, don’t blink, just do it! Hesitation will cost you.

3. Sign up to our newsletter.

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These are, in my opinion of course, the most important 3 tips for enjoying a great Black Friday for your budget and your family.

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Happy Shopping!