7 affordable light gray women’s coats to enjoy this winter


For the lovers of warm shades, the must-have piece of their winter outfits is the beige coat. For cool shades addicts, the must-have of winter is the light gray coat.

The luckiest of us, women, can go for both warm and cold shades. Or even for the brave yellow or dusty pink, that seems to be high this winter. However, if you want the coat to be fashionable and to wear it in the following seasons, I say you have to focus on light gray. It’s a color that resists the test of time, which denotes elegance and comes out of the standard black coat.

And if you are careful and choose a cut that benefits you, a light gray coat made of a material that does not degrade quickly. So you can wear it for many winters to come.

A good coat is a long-term investment in your winter wardrobe.  You do not have to spend vast amounts of money unless you have that money and you’re willing to pay it.

After a long search at my favorite online stores, I concluded that somewhere an amount around $200-$300 is a decent price for a quality coat, which everyone will admire.

Of course, there are also more expensive best-buys and more affordable versions too. Depends on the amount you are willing to spend on a coat.

Below I made a selection of light gray coats for women with excellent quality/price ratio.

If you want to know where you can buy the ones you like, how much these beauties below cost because the price is important too, I invite you to click the pictures.

Affordable light gray coats to enjoy this winter

Akira color block wrap coat

Akira colorblocked wrap coat

A warm Cupcakes and Cashmere coat, crafted with contrast suiting panels. It’s perfect for transition, but you could wear it during winter days too with an oversized cashmere sweater, faux leather pants, and combat boots.

Ted Baker wool cashmere wrap coat

Ted Baker wool cashmere wrap coat light gray

A beautiful Ted Baker wrap coat. A beautiful wool-cashmere blend with a tie-around belt. It will keep you impeccably stylish and enviably warm as the colder months roll in. This light gray coat is perfect for every body type, from petite to tall.

Kristen Blake double breasted coat

Kristen Blake double breasted coat

This Kristen Blake double-breasted coat is also available in black. Wear it with an all-denim outfit, shirt plus jeans. Add a mini-purse and a pair of sock booties to keep up with the trends.

Topshop bonded knit coat

Topshop bonded knit coat

The neutral Topshop wool-kissed coat brings chic minimalism to your cold-weather closet. The blend is soft and heathered with an oversized, almost baggy fit. Mix and match printed neutral patterns to emphasize the minimalism of the jacket.

Vince Camuto novelty wool coat

Vince Camuto novelty wool coat

A light gray Vince Camuto coat, which, depending on the chosen outfit, can quickly pass from casual to elegant. Imagine yourself wearing it with high waist jeans, boots, and a checkered shirt. Then think that you could pair it with cigarette pants, an office shirt, and stylish booties. Both looks are flawless and chic.

Lauren Ralph Lauren coat

Lauren Ralph Lauren coat

This LAUREN Ralph Lauren coat updates the officer’s coat with modern appointments for a look that brings contemporary chic to the English countryside look. It is cut with subtle darts for a lightly fitted silhouette. Wool-blended so that you will be warm on winter days.

Morgan tie side detail coat

Morgan tie side detail coat

If I were to consider only the quality/price ratio, this Morgan coat would be on top three picks for light gray coats. The soft-touch wool, the dropped shoulders, the cropped sleeves, and the relaxed fit are all details that make this gray-colored coat a must-have piece in every woman’s winter wardrobe.

How to wear the light gray coat – the stylish way

Before I bought a light gray coat, I researched a little how the fashionistas are wearing it. I also checked my winter wardrobe to see if I had anything to wear the gray coat with or if this purchase would attract other expenses.

mujo gray coat sneakers
Photo source
You can wear the light gray coat at casual looks, with jeans and sneakers plus a matching top. As you can see in the above collage, the light gray coat stands out when wearing simple, neutral items.

mujo outifts gray coat ankle boots
Photo source
You can wear the light gray coat with ankled heeled boots, a pair of classy pants and a trendy top. With the ray of color combinations in mind, you can also go with the beautiful contrast between the light gray coat and a bag plus scarf in warm, brown hues.

mujo outfits gray coat over the knee boots
Photo source

This winter you can put together two strong trends and pull off a great outfit. Wear over the knee boots with a mini faux leather skirt, a nude top, and a light gray coat.

mujo outfits gray coat stilettos flats
Photo source

If you choose a thin coat, a transition one, you can wear it with monochrome outfits or with white jeans and stilettos.

How I chose to wear the Tomboy light gray Zara coat

After analyzing ( for about five minutes) the clothes I already have in my wardrobe I bought a light gray coat with a straight, tomboy cut. The price was reasonable, and you can also buy it online. Here is how I wear it most of the times.


If you are interested in all the items of my outfit, find the whole look here.

What to look for when choosing a light gray coat

There are a few things you need to be careful when choosing a light gray coat because I’m sure you want to look impeccable ?.

First, the material.

If you want to wear it with casual outfits, then a thin wool blend goes just fine. If you’re going to wear it more elegantly, rely on a thicker fabric of the light gray coat, fully lined. A matte color of the wool blend will always look more stylish, more polished than the bouclé or the textured option.

Secondly, the cut.

You have to choose a coat that will benefit your silhouette, not one to swim in. That’s why I recommend that you wear long jackets only if you are very tall. Straight cut coats, tomboy-like look good both on tall and petite women.

Third, you have to pay attention to the price.

It reflects the quality of the coat in 99% of cases. Maybe not everyone has an unlimited budget to buy a luxury light gray coat. But you can’t throw money away by purchasing a cheap looking coat. It’s better to save for a while and buy the best light gray coat you can afford. See the shopping recommendations above.

Above I’ve noticed that fashionistas wear light gray coats and sneakers, so when the weather is kind to us, sports shoes are an alternative too.

According to this season’s trends, the straight-cut tomboy coats can be worn both with block high heels boots or low-heeled boots too.

How to pick the right cut for your body type

Tall women should choose a coat with loose, longer even oversized cut. Petite women should stay away from the oversized cut, or at least they should choose a smaller size than usual.

Women with smallish bust lines should look for tailored coats with oversized collars. This winter the fur collar is on trend so that you could go for it without regrets.

Busty women should choose a coat that flatters the hourglass figure, like the ones with a super tailored cut or a belt to accentuate the waist.

Accessories that go well with light gray coats

We have seen where to buy it, how to wear it, which aspects to be careful when purchasing a light gray coat.

Now let’s see how we can accessorize the light gray coat because an outfit is incomplete without accessories, isn’t it?

Since the winters are not known to be soft, you will need a scarf when wearing the light gray coat. The colors that go exceptionally well with light gray are:

  • white
  • ivoire
  • dusty pink
  • dark gray
  • navy
  • beige.

You can also choose printed scarves just to break the monotony of gray.

If you spend a lot of time outside, I recommend you to wear the coat with a beanie hat for casual sporty outfits. For the elegant looks, I suggest you wear a french-like beret, so in fashion this winter.

Gray is a neutral color. You can wear any purse, in any hues your heart desires. Just fit the shape of the bag with the occasion, and you’re done. You pulled off a great outfit : ).

Those were my thoughts and recommendations of the day on the affordable women’s light gray coats. Keep it classy and don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals and fashion trends. Happy shopping!

Featured image: pinterest.com