B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Niacinamide Serum – Review


My love affair with niacinamide began a few years ago when I first used the version from The Ordinary.

It is a staple in my skincare routine. If I had to choose three skincare products to take with me on a desert island, these would be Cerave cleansing gel, niacinamide, and SPF. I love this product so much.

Last year I discovered the products from Geek & Gorgeous. I’ve tried many of them: A-Game 10 ( a retinol derivative), Smooth Out (an exfoliant), Calm Down (an exfoliant), HA-Light (a hyaluronic acid serum), C-Glow (vitamin C), and B-Bomb (a niacinamide serum). This post is about my experience with the last one, the B-Bomb niacinamide serum.

B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Serum – list of ingredients

B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous has the following star ingredients:

  • 10% Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3)
  • Zinc PCA (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid)
  • Sarcosine.

Niacinamide is a multifunctional superstar ingredient that can normalize pore appearance. It can soothe acne-prone skin, improve the skin’s natural barrier and relieve hyperpigmentation. Geek & Gorgeous formula contains an ideal percentage of niacinamide to improve the appearance of acne-prone skin or congested, irritated skin.

All the ingredients are ideal for congested / irritated skin. They help regulate excess sebum, improve the appearance of dilated pores and redness. My rosacea has improved considerably in recent years since I have introduced niacinamide in my skincare regimen.

Here is the complete list of ingredients: Aqua (water), Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Glycereth-26, Zinc PCA, Sarcosine, Propanediol, Pentylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol.

As you can see, the list of ingredients is short, clean, and the “stars” are at the top of the list, which is a good thing.

B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Niacinamide texture

The Geek & Gorgeous B-Bomb serum has a light, clear gel texture. It does not dry the skin. Instead, it leaves a feeling of hydration. It is the easiest to apply this niacinamide serum of all the ones I’ve tried so far.

How to apply B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Niacinamide

In the evening, after cleansing and washing, I apply the Liquid Hydration Toner, quickly followed by B-Bomb. I like to apply niacinamide products to moist skin. This way, B-Bomb penetrates the skin better.

The light consistency of the B-Bomb serum helps to be easy to apply, does not flake; it is easy to integrate into a complex skincare regimen.

Niacinamide from The Ordinary has a denser, balm texture. The one from Geek & Gorgeous is very light, non-sticky, and does not flake on my skin with any other product applied on top.

Do not use niacinamide in the same routine as vitamin C products. In order not to get confused, you can use vitamin C in the morning because it boosts the SPF. Leave the niacinamide for the evening routine.

Some people may not find it easy to integrate a product with such a high percentage of niacinamide into their routine. If you know you have sensitive skin, I recommend that you use this product with caution. Or start with a brand that has a lower percentage of niacinamide, COSRX, for example, at least until the skin gets used to it and can tolerate higher concentrations.

Effects after use of B-Bomb serum

After months of using the B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous serum (we have already reached up to 4 – 5 used bottles), I noticed the following effects:

  • my skin did not dry out; in the colder months, I use B-Bomb twice a week, unlike in the summer, when I use it 3 – 4 times a week.
  • I did not get irritated, but I am used to this ingredient, which at first has the potential for purging. I was lucky I didn’t experience any purging.
  • my skin tone looks even; niacinamide has the potential to fade spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • the appearance of the pores has improved dramatically; my pores are looking smaller, giving my skin a firmer look, and I don’t get pimples anymore. Here I think it’s a cumulative effect with the rest of the products I use; I give credits to my oil-based cleanser and to my salicylic acid mask (I use it once a month in the summer and every two weeks in the colder months).
  • friends tell me that my skin is very bright after using the B-Bomb serum.
  • my oily t-zone no longer has breakouts.
  • my drier cheek area feels nicely moisturized.

Is B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous serum better than The Ordinary Niacinamide?

In my experience, the two niacinamide-based serums are just as good, just as effective, with the mention that I prefer the texture of the Geek & Gorgeous B-Bomb.

When I apply B-Bomb in the morning, followed by SPF, the sunscreen sits really well on the skin.

That’s the thing I can’t say about Niacinamide The Ordinary. When I was in a hurry, I could not apply the SPF right after the niacinamide because it caused flakiness. My solution to this problem was to leave at least 10 minutes between the serum with Niacinamide and SPF. The bottom line is that if you hurry in the morning, go with Geek & Gorgeous serum. Or introduce niacinamide into your evening routine.

Because they have similar prices, I prefer to use the B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous serum.


What I like about the B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Niacinamide Serum:

  • the light texture, which is not sticky even if I accidentally apply more than half a pipette;
  • it helped me with excess sebum / pore size;
  • non-irritant;
  • it has no added fragrance / essential oils;
  • it’s easy to incorporate into complex regimens, with many products;
  • it is easily absorbed into the skin.

What I don’t like about the B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Niacinamide Serum:

As with the other Geek &Gorgeous products tested so far, I have only words of praise. If I really have to be picky, I don’t particularly like the pipette applicator. That’s something I can get over because I love this serum.

Where to buy B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Niacinamide Serum

You can purchase the B-Bomb Serum on the official website Geekandgorgeous.com. It is available in the 30 ml version. The transport is free for orders over €50 in the EU and €60 in the US.


Use 30/50 sunscreen every morning, in the right amount (1.25 ml for the face). Reapply the SPF in a few hours. Currently, SPF 50 Altruist Face Fluid is my favorite sunscreen.

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These were my impressions after using the B-Bomb Geek & Gorgeous Niacinamide Serum. Thank you for visiting! Happy Shopping!