Basic white tee – how to style it like a Pro


She who loves the basic white tee hands up!

I would put them in the same class as the LBD, both versatile clothing items that should not be missing from a woman’s wardrobe. Once you’ve found the perfect white shirt for your style and personality, you can wear it in a thousand different ways.

How to pick the perfect white tee

You’d think all basic white tees are the same – after all, it’s only a T-shirt, how complicated it is?

In reality, it’s not that simple. In my wardrobe, for example, tees are precious items. And that’s because it’s hard enough for me to find a t-shirt that meets all my requirements. And when it comes to the white shirt, it’s even harder. The cut, the fabric, the transparency – you have so many criteria to consider when choosing the perfect tee.

In a t-shirt, you have to feel first and foremost comfortable – that’s why it’s called an essential piece – but it must be durable, and you also need to know that you look good in it. Moreover, if I wear a white T-shirt, I want it to fulfill its role as the basic piece, that is, I do not want to be forced to take a top under, because of the too-thin fabric.

Assuming it fulfills the quality criteria, we now come to the cut: does it fit your shape? For tees, the two things you need to consider are the sleeve and the neckline. Choose the cut that suits your silhouette, and you will not want to split your basic white tee forever.

The hourglass body shape

You girls are one of the lucky ones because you can wear practically anything. The only condition is to always counterbalance the basic white tee’s cut with that of your skirt or pants. If you choose a V-neckline, thinning, opt for slim-cut pants, for example; in the same way, if you opt for a ballet neckline, balance it with a pleated or an a-line skirt, or bold printed pants.

The apple body shape (inverted triangle)

The V-neckline is best suited to your silhouette. In the case of the sleeve, you can choose a mid-length sleeve, possibly with a cuff, but you will just as well do with a butterfly sleeve. This way you accentuate the waistline that is the best tip and trick you can do.

The pair body shape

If you are a proud pair silhouette, go with the round neckline, but rather wide than deep. A cut of the neckline close to that of the ballet neck will visually enlarge your shoulders, balancing your figure. Concerning the sleeve, you can choose almost any cut, but probably a very short sleeve, which covers only a little the upper arm, is the most suitable, as well as the butterfly type sleeve.

The rectangle body shape

You can choose any white tee, but, just like in case of the hourglass body shape, it matters how you wear it. Try to hide your waist under a wider cut tee with a pair of jeans. You can also accentuate the waistline by wearing a basic tee with a wide neckline and short sleeves with a belted skirt.

Outfit ideas with the basic white tee

The white t-shirt can be worn every day in a different style, from office to casual wear and sport.

To prove that you can wear a white t-shirt every day, I’ve selected some of my favorite outfits with this essential piece.

Basic white tee + boyfriend jeans = favorite summer outfit

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Add a pair of white sneakers for a sporty look or heel shoes for a casual chic look. The ensemble will be so simple and classy, and most of all, so affordable. You can play with accessories according to your style. I would go with a boldly printed handbag and oversized sunglasses.

Basic white t-shirt & high-waist pants

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This summer’s hottest trend is high-waist pants. A basic white tee is one of the go-to’s that fashion bloggers choose to wear with the high-waist pants. The white t-shirt works wonderfully in a chic-office style also, with cigarette pants and Oxford shoes.

White t-shirt + skirt = cool feminine outfit

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It’s summer, so the white tee and skirt combination is a winning one, whether you prefer a mini jeans skirt, whether you go with a more bohemian style with a midi skirt or a pleated one.

All white outfit with the basic tee

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I love Olivia Palermo’s outfit in the collage above. The t-shirt she chose is effortless, neither fitted nor too wide. The skirt, all white, is gorgeous, with exquisite lace details. The high-heeled brown sandals fit perfectly with the all-white outfit and creamy tones of the handbag.

Now that I have opened my appetite for wearing white t-shirts every day let’s see where to find the best deals online.

Basic white tees – best online deals

Click the pictures below to find out how much the basic white tees I’ve selected cost and where can you purchase them.

All Saints waterfall sleeve t-shirt


This girly, feminine tee is perfect for date-night. Pair it with jeans, high heels, and a clutch, and you’re golden. The cut with the waterfall sleeves is ideal for the pair body-shape because it enhances the shoulder line, which brings equilibrium to the figure.

Basic super soft v-neck t-shirt


Wear this super-soft white t-shirt with a mini jeans skirt and a pair of white Converse. It has an exceptionable affordable price, and it comes in so many hues, you could buy one for every day of the year.

Levis perfect white t-shirt


Levis is one of my go-to’s brands when it comes to basic white tees. Wear this lovely t-shirt with jeans, shorts, and flats.

Mango organic crew neck t-shirt in white


Pairing the timeless style with minimalist design is a winning formula. That’s why you should wear this Mango tee with a pair of black pants and high heeled sandals.

BP v-neck basic white tee


Update your everyday classics with this soft, cotton-blend v-neck tee. Pair it with a midi leopard print skirt, loafers and a cute, fashionable mini backpack.

1901 crew neck tee


This basic white tee is perfect for summer. Think of a girly look with a light satin dress over it and a beautiful pair of mules.

Z Supply perfect tee


For an everyday casual outfit, you can wear the white t-shirt&white jeans combo with low-heeled slippers, or sneakers.

Caslon ballet neck basic white tee


Having a fitted cut, and a feminine ballet neck, I suggest you wear this basic white tee with a boldly printed pleated skirt, paired with nude heels.

Michael Michael Kors cotton lace sleeve t-shirt


To pop this white tee, you have to rely on the wow effect of the all-white outfit. Pair this lovely laced tee with white shorts, and nude pumps.

Madewell Whisper white tee


You can go all-rock style with this basic white tee. Wear it with boyfriend jeans, a biker jacket and a pair of black booties with a dramatic, ankle-framing cut and high block heel.

Those were my thoughts and recommendations of the day on the affordable basic white tee. Keep it classy and…don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals and fashion trends. Happy shopping!

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