Best furniture ideas for gallery kitchens

Gallery kitchens are not what I would describe as “the dream layout”. They look long and narrow, furniture and appliances being usually disposed in two rows.

With little space to move around and organize things, they are rather crammed, functional rooms where dinner is cooked, not a warm and personal space where you and your special ones discuss the recipe and display your distinctive style.

But there’s more than meets the eye.

In spite of their – so obvious – disadvantages, I must admit gallery kitchens are not as bad as I tend to present them.

Little space also means that everything is always at hand, so you don’t need to cross the room when the water is boiling and you forgot to bring some ingredient to the working space (which happens to me all the time, by the way).

It also means less effort to keep it clean and neat.

Bottom line, if you can spare some square inches to set up a dining room, chances are you won’t even feel the absence of a roomier kitchen.

And with little imagination and the right furniture, who says a gallery kitchen can’t become a stylish and inviting part of your home?

Here’s a brief guide to help you choose the perfect pieces of furniture in order to nail the dream spacious look of your gallery kitchen.


When you become the happy owner of a gallery kitchen, the first thing you will notice is the constant feeling of needing more space.

Space to store the cooking gear, space to store all the plates you received as a wedding gift, space for the cleaning items and so on. And soon you will discover that an under-the-sink cabinet and a countertop cabinet are definitely not enough.

To increase the storage capacity, cabinets with drawers are the answer. My advice is to opt for as many drawers as possible, as they are the most convenient way to store a wide range of items.

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Besides drawers, pantry cabinets are a great solution to maximize the space without sacrificing too many square inches.

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Personally, I don’t like the idea of wall cabinets, as it is harder to keep them organized even if you store inside only the items you use on special occasions. However, if you are 70 inches tall or you place the drawers at a proper height, you might make them work.

Tables and chairs

Using a small table and two chairs, you can turn that place opposite the door into a cozy space to have breakfast or a coffee before leaving for work.

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Arranging furniture and appliances in one single row can make room for a wall table and two chairs on the opposite wall. Or perhaps a wall table shelf and a couple of counter stools?

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Dining benches

The more stylish and more comfortable alternative to chairs is a small-sized bench you can place on the wall facing the door.

For instance, take a look at the below kitchen – which looks absolutely stunning to me – and notice how the bench lines seamlessly blend in to create a charming and restful corner.

For a similar effect, go for a color and a design that matches the overall style and I’m pretty sure you’ll soon be thanking me.

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As it turns out, gallery kitchens can be both practical and very good-looking. Now all you have to do is pick the right furniture to match your taste and style!

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