Black skinny jeans for women – 4 rules for picking the perfect pair


Black skinny jeans for women have become my uniform this winter, but one that I like to wear. If you still do not have a pair of skinny black jeans in your wardrobe, I invite you to take a look at the selection below.

I’ve searched the internet for the best pairs of skinny black jeans for women you could buy at reasonable prices, black jeans in all styles and for all ages.

Depending on the cut, the type of material and the various applications or embellishments, the skinny black jeans are suitable for any woman who loves the casual style.

Black skinny jeans for women

For more details about price and availability by size, I invite you to click on images. You will be redirected to the pages of recommended online stores, where you can buy them.

BDG twig high rise skinny jeans

BDG twig high rise skinny jeans

I start the recommendations with a pair of BDG cropped jeans, a very popular women’s brand. High-rise cut sits just above the hip and is fitted down through the thigh, tapered through the calf for a super slim leg with added spandex for stretch and better movement. The cropped cut is on trend this year due that it creates the illusion of long and thin legs, whether you choose to wear high, medium or low heel shoes.

J Brand crop skinny jeans in Vanity

J Brand crop skinny jeans in Vanity

In addition to the excellent quality/price ratio, these skinny J Brand black jeans are appropriate to wear both at work, as well as with any casual outfits. These black jeans replace successfully the classic black trousers in which you’d sure freeze during the winter.

Pair them with a basic white shirt with a long vest, classy ankle boots, and some accent accessories. For a casual outfit, you could wear the black skinny jeans with a long fluffy cardigan, a simple basic top, a leather jacket and a pair of comfortable boots.

H&M Skinny Regular Ripped Jeans

Skinny Regular Ripped Jeans

If the budget for the purchase of black jeans is low, I recommend the skinny pair above. They are the cheapest black skinny jeans I found at my favorite online stores. Wear them along with a nice pair of sneakers, a white tee, and a leather jacket. Add a colorful scarf and a messenger bag to the outfit, and you’re ready for going out.

Wit Wisdom skinny jeans

Wit Wisdom skinny jeans

A black wash with tonal stitching enhances the lean and leggy look of stretch-denim skinnies that balance wonderfully with flowy tops. Add a sporty hoodie and a pair of heels for a full load of edgy&chic.

PrettyLittleThing skinny ankle jeans

Prettylittlething skinny ankle jeans

An all-black outfit is always a winner. Wear the cuffed black skinny jeans with a black top and same color booties. For the jacket you could go two ways:

  • choose a colorfully printed blazer with a boyfriend cut, so IN this year;
  • pick a black leather biker jacket that takes your outfit to the top of rock chic cuteness.

Star Sign jeans

Star Sign jeans

Tonal beads cover the front of these eye-catching Blank Denim Star Sign jeans. Wear this embellished pair of skinnies with an oversized sweater and a puffy bomber jacket. Add some heels and a big, cozy scarf for some color and va-va-voom.

Levi’s black skinny jeans for women

Levi's black skinny jeans for women

High-waisted skinny black jeans, especially those in high-quality denim, with very little elastic fiber, have a thinning effect on the silhouette, especially in the abdomen and hips areas.

You could rock them with a colorful top with a boyfriend cut blazer, and a pair of small kitten shoes.
Be careful with the length of the jeans. It’s the season of cropped pants right above the ankle, so adjust the jeans at the tailor.

How to choose the perfect black skinny jeans for your body type?

# 1 High, medium or low waist?

First of all, pay attention to the waist height. I know everyone loves to wear high-waisted jeans, but when you have a little muffin top, they are not very flattering for your figure.  That’s why I recommend you to wear skinny black jeans from fabric that does not have a lot of elastic fiber in its composition (maximum 15-25%).

# 2 The color and texture of jeans are important

Second, you have to be careful hue-wise. If you like the pre-painted effect instead of the simple black one, go for it! You could wear basic black jeans, no cuts, threads and embellishments to the office. It may seem a radical idea, but give it a try for a day or two. Noone will notice you wearing jeans to work.

Keep the distressed pair of jeans just for errands or for a dinner date with your loved one.

Black ripped skinny jeans are also on trend this year. I would bypass them in the winter, especially if you do not have a car. But when the cold does not get into your bones, the ripped black jeans fit perfectly into your rock-chic outfits along with simple tops, a biker jacket, and black army boots.

# 3 The length of skinny jeans should not be a problem

Not all of us have long legs like Gisele Bundchen. The black jeans, especially the skinny ones, seem to be cut for girls with long legs. But we must not despair. That’s why we need to find the best tailor.

If the skinny black jeans are right for your waist and legs, the length should not be a problem. Personalize it by your height to a tailor.

I, for example, opt for the super skinny jeans cut. That’s because I have very thin and not very long legs. That’s life; you have to work with what you have :) . It’s the reason why the tailor is on my speed dial.  I use her help for the super skinny jeans that are too long.

# 4 Wears skinny jeans in which you feel good!

We all have days when we feel good in our skin. I was left with a pretty rounded tummy after my pregnancy, despite all the physical exercises I practice regularly and the fact that I am quite careful with what I eat. C’est la vie!

On the few days, I feel invincible (aka when I don’t feel like a balloon) I wear the skinny black high-waisted jeans. I pair them all the time with medium heels. This way, when I look in the mirror, my legs seem much longer, much slender.

For the days when I feel very bloated, I choose the regular rise skinny black jeans. The texture of the denim is much thicker and denser than the high-waist ones, precisely to tighten the abdomen.

So, depending on the mood, and the effectiveness of intestinal transit ;) , we can all wear high-waisted or regular rise skinny jeans.

How do we wear skinny black jeans based on current trends?

Black skinny jeans are perfect for birthdays or city outings with friends. You can wear them with stilettos and a sleek top, or with Oxford shoes and a fitted jacket for a simple yet stylish outfit.

Here are some of my favorite outfits, as found on Pinterest.

Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Photo source
Style tip: I do not know if you noticed, but usually the stars’ daily outfits are effortless and efficient. So get inspired by their style. Most of their looks, which always include skinny jeans, go on a simple, neutral color palette with one accent hue.

Those were my thoughts and recommendations of the day on the affordable black skinny jeans for women. Keep it classy and…don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals and fashion trends. Happy shopping!

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