Coloring your hair according to skin tone


If you ever dyed your hair at a salon, then you know that it’s important to choose your hair color properly because your hair colorist has probably told you that the most important thing when dying the hair is choosing a shade that works for you.

Sometimes, your choice of hair color might not be the one that works.

The golden rule when dying your hair is thus choosing a dye according to your skin type. Before you try a new color that you saw advertised on TV or the one that looks so good on your friend, pause for a moment and think about whether you’re going to look just as good.

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You have to consider some very important things before deciding a hair color.

To make the right choice, you have to know exactly your skin tone.

Your skin tone isn’t the same thing as your complexion. Complexion is light, medium or dark, and it represents the surface color of the skin, which changes when you get a tan, for example. Skin tone, on the other hand, doesn’t change regardless of any skin conditions you might experience.

Skin tone is cool or warm. Examine your skin properly to find out what’s your skin tone. Then you can start matching it to a hair color. You can also ask the person at a cosmetic counter to determine that for you.

Never choose a shade that is more than twice either lighter or darker than your skin type.

That’s what hair stylists always recommend. There has to be symmetry between the color of your hair and your skin tone so that you don’t end up disappointed.

If you’re blonde, for example, and want to dye your hair a rich dark, jumping straight into the extreme might get you the worst results. Go for subtle shifts, and progress your way one-step at a time to that dark brunette color.

#1 Cool skin tone

Your natural hair color and the color of your eyes help with recognizing the skin tone. For example, cool skin tone usually comes with the following characteristics:

  • Brown, black, or dark blue eyes;
  • Brown, dark brown, chestnut-brown, or dark blonde natural hair color;
  • Ivory white skin with pink undertones, medium, pale, pinkish, or olive skin.

If you recognize any two of the above characteristics on you, then your skin type is most likely cool.

The best dyes for your hair in this case are chocolate brunette, honey brown, rich honey almond, with shade variations such as blue, white or grey blonde.

#2 Warm skin tone

  • Green, amber, golden brown, or hazel eyes;
  • Strawberry blonde, golden blonde, black, red, golden, brown hair color.
  • Peach, golden, yellow or olive skin undertones, with freckles.

If your skin tone is warm, then your best options for hair dyes are anything between ash browns, golden, red, champagne blonde, and beige.

Whether you go to the salon to dye your hair or you decide to color it at home, remember not to wash it ahead of time. The color holds better to dirty hair, and in addition, you’ll avoid burning your scalp when coloring the hair since the scalp is much more sensitive when you wash it.

And, most importantly, once you color the hair, use shampoos and conditioners that are formulated specifically for color treated hair. They really do help with protecting the color.

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