IN Demand! Mirage Reversible Necklace Set

Mirage Reversible Necklace Set

Most in demand this week – Mirage Reversible Necklace Set

This rhinestone necklace does duble duty: one side features bright silver stones, and the other smoky grey.

Smoky Grey
Smoky Grey

Bright Silver
Bright Silver

How would you wear this Mirage reversible necklace set?

Let me tell how I would wear it.

One of my favourite looks is: indigo slim fit jeans, one neutral top, emerald stilettos, a simple golden bracelet and this Mirage reversible necklace set.

On cold days I would add a white blazer.

That’s a casual chic outfit. If you cant wear stilettos replace them with a pair of lovely flats.

How would you wear it? Let me know in the comment area bellow.

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