My tidy home: essential rules to keep the bathroom organized

bathroom storage ideas

How would you describe your ideal bathroom?

Personally, I prefer a light, airy and minimalist space, with just the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. And since my everyday temple of relaxation is not very spacious, I try to obtain this clean design by keeping the clutter away.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to maintain the polished, magazine look of my bathroom, scattered odd and ends, makeup, towels and cotton pads sometimes tend to mess with the neat countertop of my dreams.

So, after looking for storage solutions to keep everything in its place, I’ve discovered that in the end it all comes down to some simple, inexpensive principles anyone can follow.

Just in time for the annual spring cleaning, here are my four basic rules to keep the bathroom clean and clutter-free.

1. Shed some light on your everyday essentials

Items I use on a daily basis, like makeup, lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes and hair accessories were more likely to become a problem, especially when I was in a hurry. In order to fix this, I grouped my daily gear and looked for a classy, yet practical solution to store each of them within reach, next to the sink.

Tip: when picking storage items, always use matching objects to avoid unnecessary clutter.

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However, if you love clear countertops just as much as I do and you don’t particularly take a liking to open shelving, you might consider purchasing a medicine cabinet where you can store all your items neatly arranged. I ended up buying one and it did wonders for me.

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2. Place the unnecessary out of sight

For objects you don’t use in your everyday routine, like paper rolls, cleaning items, and electric appliances, there are many storage ideas available online. Sadly, most of them involve shelves, hanging boxes or metal racks that won’t help you achieve the clean look you desire.

My advice? Use the under-the-sink space to place a cabinet with pull-out drawers. Again, stay away from clear windows and open space cabinetry.

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You can use plastic boxes, bars, racks and door organizers or you can order a custom-made cabinet to arrange the items and optimize the space.

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If you need some additional space-saving furniture, you can consider purchasing a linen closet matching the sink cabinet.

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3. Clear the shower/bathtub area

We all have that friend or relative who keeps dozens of empty bottles to showcase his/her entire collection of shampoo and hair conditioner. Well, to be honest, a single glimpse of a cluttered shower or bathtub is simply terrifying to me.

To keep everything in order, a corner shelf similar to the wall pattern to store your essential shower bottles is both stylish and practical. Put other unnecessary items where they belong: inside the sink cabinet.

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A bath caddy is another nice and clever solution to turn a regular mess into a neat and airy space. Whether you choose wood for a rustic and intimate ambiance or metal for a sleek, contemporary finish, make sure you don’t sacrifice convenience for style!

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4. Arrange those towels once and for all

Folded or rolled towels look really well in pictures, but let’s face it – who can take the pain of folding them after every use? Hooks are more practical, but they don’t allow the towels to dry very well. So, if you’d like to try another solution, here’s my recommendation: a towel ladder.

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Organizing the bathroom using a ladder is purely genius! You can use it to hang towels and your favorite decorations, saving a lot of your precious space.

Besides, ladders can be a very chic and original addition to your bathroom, don’t you think?

Alternatively, if your space is really limited, go for towel shelves or towel driers fixed to the wall or door. They will still allow the towels to dry while maintaining the neat look you long for.

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Ready to give your bathroom the polished, airy look you’ve always dreamed of?

Those were my thoughts of the day on the most essential rules to keep your bathroom organized. Keep it classy and…

…happy shopping!