Top fashion trends for 2020


2020 will be generous in terms of fashion trends that you will love to wear.

The 70’s fashion returns, but with a modern, nonconformist vibe, adapted to our times. Some trends of the past years are still on the ramp; others are evolving into spectacular ones; others are entirely disappearing from the shops.

But let’s see what the fashion trends for 2020 are! I assure you that you’ll love them!

Trends that will take the stores by storm in 2020

Polka dots

The first trend I present to you (first chosen to the will of my heart) is that of polka dots.

This trend is particularly easy-to-wear. I find this print to be more elegant, more classy than the animal print, for example. You will find polka dots everywhere, from jackets, blouses, shirts, and dresses. I have already seen some cute polka dots in stores, that will surely take their place among the ones already in my closet.

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The pleats will not leave us in 2020 either. We have been seeing them everywhere for several good years. Last year, for example, there were a lot of midi pleated skirts.

2020 announces himself as extravagant in terms of pleats. You will see pleated jumpsuits, and long flowy pleated dresses, sleeves with pleats. If this is too much for you, that’s ok! You can be sure that you won’t fail by wearing last year’s pleated midi skirt!

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Trench coats

I know, trench coats aren’t trendy, they are a timeless classic. But the trench coats of 2020 will shock with the cuts, and through the combination of prints and textures. They will have a strong infusion of modern nonconformism.

From what I have seen so far in the fashion shows, the trench coats will be worn very much with sportswear, sweatshirts, and sneakers.

Does it go with your style?

If not, you can still wear your trench with a basic shirt, a pair of cigarette pants and flats.

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The mini is back!

Midi skirts have been in trend for years now, and I do not think I will give up this length.

But 2020 is announced to be the year in which the mini skirt returns. The shorter, the better!

If you like the trend, but somehow don’t feel ready to show off your legs so much, you can wear a mini skirt with a basic tee and an oversized colored blazer on top and over-the-knee boots.

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Oversized sleeves

Do not think of slightly puffy sleeves, but something giant, oversized. If you like the trend, you can make the top with oversized sleeves the star of your outfit, wearing it next to something basic, neutral such as jeans or soft fabric pants.

I will say “PAS!” to this trend due to the silhouette mismatch. It seems to me that it would make my upper body look even bigger, which is why I think I will use basic tops with polka dots instead of those with oversized sleeves.

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Bermuda style pants

This trend is about the reinvented, slightly shorter culottes.

Bermuda pants are so comfortable, and they look great on everyone else but you when you try them on, don’t they? That’s what I think about every time I am trying them on.

I’m sure I’ll give this trend a few more chances, I’ll try on a few pairs of Bermuda pants along with a basic tee. If I choose to wear Bermuda pants with heeled shoes, I like how the whole outfit looks. Since I wear heels only for weddings, otherwise sneakers, I do not see a future for these pants in my wardrobe. Unfortunately! I would love this trend if it suited me.

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Tank tops

Tank tops will be fashionable in 2020. With different cuts, with distinctive designs that will make them visible. The tank top looks great with shorts, a long jacket, and a pair of sneakers or heels, depending on your preferences. And if Jason Momoa could pull off the tank top look at the Golden Globes, I think we can also.

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Oversized jackets

Oversized jackets with a masculine vibe persist in 2020’s top trends.

In 2020 we can expect bolder, more intense, raw colors for oversized jackets. And they match wonderfully with the next trend on this list.

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Bralettes on display

I kept thinking if I like it and if I would wear this trend. In theory, yes, I find it sexy. But I’m pretty sure I would cover myself with a shirt before I left home.

The designers recommend that we wear cute bralettes with a boyfriend cut shirt knotted at the waist, with a pair of jeans, sneakers and an oversized jacket. The compromise of the outfit is that you can unbutton the shirt as low as you feel comfortable.

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We usually associate leather with biker jackets or pants, which you can wear in colder seasons. In 2020 we will see leather everywhere: on tops, bralettes, skirts, jackets, jumpsuits. Metallic leather will be on-trend, so keep an eye on the stores!

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Oversized earrings

As for accessories, oversized earrings will be the stars of 2020. If you’re a little hoarder like me, you should find some older oversized earrings in the jewelry box and won’t have to buy new ones.

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These will be the top fashion trends for 2020. I hope you will find something to your liking. Keep it classy and…don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals and fashion trends. Happy shopping!