Floral dress & Chelsea boots – YAY or NAY?

In the summer you see all the women wearing all kinds of dresses and skirts.

With the fall coming, women replace dresses with cozy pants for their daily outfits. You rarely get to see a lady wearing a dress and most of the times she is paring it with high heels shoes.

In an attempt to enjoy the last sunny days of fall and to avoid the high heels at the same time, I chose to wear a floral print dress and Chelsea boots.

I feel comfortable wearing black, especially in the cold weather. It’s when I get to show off the sweater and blouses collection. Fifty shades of gray for real. Nothing to do with the movie :). I just have a lot of clothes in all the cold tones and shades from black to light gray.

At the urge of my husband to wear something with a bit of color, I analyzed, with the best of intentions, what I have in my closet. I decided that the floral print with a black base is perfect to be the star of the outfit. It is the perfect compromise between color and my black & white all day long mood.

Floral black dress & Chelsea boots


What I Wore

Many of us pair fall dresses with high heels. At night events, when the height of the heel is bearable, I choose the high heel. But during the day I prefer in 99% of cases very comfortable shoes: sneakers or ankle boots. It may be because I move around a lot on foot. I find walks very relaxing, even short ones to my favorite café.

I have nothing against heels. I always have admiration for women who are wearing heels all day long. Perhaps this fall I will find the courage and stamina to wear even more stylish boots, with a bit of a heel, at least a chunky medium one.

For this floral print dress, I found Chelsea boots more suitable than sneakers. The dress is slightly asymmetrical with a wide cut, a V-neck but not a very deep one. Just right so I can show what I don’t have :). Talk about insecurities.

I tried to wear it with a jeans jacket but my brain set on all-black outfits took it off the list. So I chose the black faux leather jacket instead.

I hope you liked my “colorful” dress and the way I chose to wear it.

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