Ideas and decorations for the Easter table

mujo Ideas and Decorations for the Easter Table

When it comes to the Easter holiday, an inhabitant of the Italian Peninsula would say “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi!” This basically means that one should spend Christmas with his family and Easter with whoever he wants.

But what happens when you defy the Italian wisdom, choosing to spend Easter at home and invite all your dear ones – parents-in-law included – to join you?

Well, that calls for an amazing tablescape (and, of course, a mouth-watering, healthy-yet-traditional, cooked-to-perfection menu, but that’s a whole different story).

After hosting a few Easter lunches, all I can say is that arranging the Easter table is one of the easy and fun parts of this holiday. That’s when you can show off your special plates and your best silver cutlery to impress your guests! Nah, just kidding!

As far as I’m concerned, the Easter tablescape should be a display of good taste and refinement. And the best advice I can give you is to pick a color palette and stick to it; otherwise everything will look cheap instead of classy.

When it comes to Easter decorations, I usually avoid bunnies, lambs and chickens and go for more elegant alternatives, like flower arrangements, nests, baskets, table runners and napkins, garlands or candles.

Now, with Easter just around the corner, I’ve been browsing for some fresh decorating ideas to try this year. So, if you’re searching for some inspiration as well, here are six Easter tablescape ideas and decorations that will suit any style.

#1 Colorful decorations for the Easter table

mujo colorful easter tablescape
Photo source
mujo colorful easter tablescape
Photo source

Here’s a sophisticated Easter tablescape featuring an eye-catching mix of pastels and metallic accents, set on a wonderful marble background. With popping flower arrangements and a glamorous centerpiece, this tablescape is a definite proof that bold colors can be both classy and stylish.

To recreate this arrangement, you will need a set of faux eggs, some golden candle holders and some candles matching the color palette, gold flatware, gold rimmed plates and glasses and some mint napkins and vases.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have a marble table – a white plain tablecloth will do.

#2 Elegant and classy decorations for the Easter table

Mujo Elegant and classy easter tablescape
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If you’re hoping for a WOW effect, try this black, green and gold color palette adorned with natural accents.

Start by creating a layering design with two white plates set atop graphic black-and-white place mats and napkins. Finish each place setting by adding a bird nest filled with golden decorative eggs.

Next, use a complementary table runner, a set of black glassware, silver flatware and candles with golden antique holders. Add a magnificent centerpiece made of moss and the same golden eggs you used before et voilà! – here’s the elegant tablescape you were looking for.

#3 Modern decorations for the Easter table

Mujo Modern easter tablescape
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Give a modern vibe to your Easter table using a clean yet vibrant mix of colors, patterns and decorations.

To turn each place setting into a sophisticated statement, place a black plate or a black linen napkin between two elegant plates, add green glassware and gold flatware and set a marbled egg on a gold spoon atop each plate.

Complement the clean elegance of this black, white and green color scheme with a fragrant centerpiece made of white hyacinths.

#4 Minimalist decorations for the Easter table

Mujo Minimalist easter tablescape
Photo source

Achieve a minimalist Easter tablescape using an all-white color scheme enhanced with subtle color accents.

To recreate this remarkable arrangement, bring together plain white decorations: a tablecloth, several cloth napkins, plates and some cute ceramic rabbits.

Then make these decorations pop by adding some patterned linen napkins and by filling some glasses with colored liquids – non-alcoholic cocktails or natural juice for instance.

For a finishing touch, use a glass bowl filled with Easter grass and white eggs and blend in a pussy willow arrangement.

#5 Bold and unconventional decorations for the Easter table

Mujo Bold and unconventional easter tablescape
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Nothing speaks more about your unconventional style than this spring-inspired tablescape brimming with joy and energy.

Featuring bold plates and napkins, golden flatware and a simple flower arrangement to complement various shades of green and blue, this cheery Easter tablescape will be the perfect setting for some unforgettable moments.

#6 Cozy decorations for the Easter table

Mujo Cozy easter tablescape
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If you don’t want to invest too much energy for this occasion, all you have to do is gather some items you already have and try to match them.

Throw in a set of solid plates, a matching table runner and your best flatware collection and place some (edible) Easter eggs in a ceramic bowl for a neutral centerpiece. Finish this effortless design with white napkins folded in wine glasses, white flowers and candles.

Arranging the Easter table requires neither the artistry of Picasso, nor an empty wallet. With just a few decorations and a pinch of imagination, you will soon master the art of perfect Easter tablescapes.

Bon appétit and a bright, peaceful Easter!

Featured Image: Sinnenrausch