In Blossom: Three Color Trends to Renew Your Home for Spring

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With spring already here and sunny days taking over, it’s no wonder that our thoughts are rambling on grassy fields and wave-washed shores already. Plus, how could one help but rejoice when rosy hyacinths, cheerful daffodils and delicate tulips are dutifully announcing the upcoming spring?

Bright and jovial, spring is also the season of revival and renewal. And, as you may probably know, change should only start from the inside out. The inside of your house, of course.

We’ve decided to take a look at some of the most popular color trends to love and indulge in. Color experts have already listed their favorites, so it’s now up to you to paint it … green, yellow, blue, red, and maybe even white.

Beautiful ladies, prepare yourselves: it’s time to allow some new hints of color to blossom in your home! Here are three trending color palettes to get you going.

Benjamin Moore’s Simply Gorgeous Whites

spring color palette whites
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With Benjamin Moore’s nominating Simply White as the color of the year, there’s no doubt we’ll see plenty of white on walls, ceilings, floors, and pretty much everywhere else. Slightly monotonous at first glance, an all-white decor surely doesn’t lack charm and elegance.

To avoid an overly clean look, Houzz expert Yanic Simard advises us to balance white with off-whites in order to achieve a more warm and inviting ambiance.

Gray, cream and olive hues also make for a great companion to the Simply White nuance.

Should the monochrome, washed-out look ever get boresome, you can also try a bolder contrast by painting an accent wall in a vibrant color like blue, yellow, dark gray or red.

Behrs’s Glamorous Accents

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Without being too daring, this palette Behr picked as one of this year’s favorites makes for a sophisticated and vivid appearance to upgrade your home for spring.

Soft, warm colors blend perfectly well with neutral shades to enhance luxurious details and graceful elements, while the strong Blue Vortex nuance is nothing but superb.

Depending on your personal taste, you can pick any two or three colors to paint the walls, ceiling or window frames and then polish your design with only a few catchy decorations.

To achieve a modern and contemporary design remember that, according to Behr, geometry is a must. Just follow the basic shapes of any room to draw simple, colorful lines that will add depth and style to your beloved surroundings.

Pratt & Lambert’s Tropical Landscapes

spring color palette tropical
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We’ve been watching it emerge for years, but now Pratt & Lambert have made a clear statement: the Urban Jungle palette is definitely a trend this year. And surely a perfect pick to make nature feel at home inside your home, if we dare say.

Urban jungle stands for rich layers of greens, earthly tones, tropical patterns and dark gray backgrounds to replicate the impressive variety of natural landscapes.

Aiming to confine the tropical scenery within your most familiar spaces, Urban Jungle is a trending spring upgrade to try right away, as many home design collections have been featuring it for a while now.

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These are three of the most popular color palettes to try this season. Now, all you have to do is shop for those fresh paint cans and some complementary décor to give spring a proper welcome.