1, 2, 3 makeup steps to save you time and effort


It’s 7.45 am and you overslept. Again. You’re in such a hurry that makeup is probably the last thing on your mind. Or the first thing, which only makes things worse.

What are your options? You can leave the house looking natural and more like yourself than ever, which is sometimes the best confidence test you can take.

Alternatively, you can follow some easy makeup steps that are going to send you out the door faster than you can say Jack Robinson. Faster and looking closest to natural as possible.

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Trust me when I say that it only takes focusing on the eyes, the cheeks and the lips sometimes to look radiant. So let’s start.

The natural and easy make-up of the eyes

Use concealer to hide dark circles if you have any. Apply a small amount under your eyes and on the area around your nose. Use concealer to hide blemishes and sunspots. Your face will light up instantly.

If you want to create more of a glowy look, you can choose to pat some medium shiny cream-to-powder highlighter on the brow bones.

Then just follow up with a touch of mascara and you’re done.

Fact: Cream-to-powder highlighters are miracle workers, they really make a difference and you should own at least one, but two to three colors are even better if your skin color tends to chance a lot. Blending stick highlighters usually get the job done faster, and they’re easier to use.

The natural and easy make-up of the cheeks

No time for liquid foundation? No problem. Just apply the regular face cream and follow with a bronzing powder or blush of your choice. If I were to recommend between the two, I’d always favor blush over bronzing powder simply because it’s the best and fastest way to give your face a radiant look.

The good thing about blushes is that they come in so many variations that they make our life so much easier and our mornings much less stressful.

Fact: Cream and gel blushes are easiest to use and can be wielded with either a brush or a sponge, though a sponge usually tends to work better.

The natural and easy make-up of the lips

After you’ve finished perking up your eyes and the cheekbones, there’s nothing left to do but seal the deal with a nice lip gloss. You can even use a bolder color since your makeup is so natural.

My favorite thing about using lip glosses is that I can always put them on much faster than lipstick, even on the go. With a lipstick, especially if it’s a stronger color, you always have to be careful when putting it on, it usually takes longer because you also want to contour the lips, and there are generally more steps to applying lipsticks properly. So lip-glosses are your best alternative for busy mornings.

Fact: Lip glosses now also come in chubby pencils style, and they’re much creamier.

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