What to wear on New Year’s Eve – 6 low budget outfit ideas


New Year’s Eve is almost here. An outfit that makes you feel confident as hell, the one that you are at you’re best is on the must-have list of all women. Depending on the location, and on occasion, on the type of party, your outfit needs to be on spot.

To help you with a piece of advice, with an opinion, even if it’s only a personal one, I thought I’d recommend you six outfits to rock this New Year’s Eve party.

New Year’s Eve – 6 outfits to shine in

New Year’s Eve at the restaurant

The New Years Eve is a night to remember. So think of an outfit that you’ll shine in. Literally. Think sequins dress, nude pumps and a faux fur coat to cover you from the cab to the restaurant. Sequins are not the first choice of most women, even if you are thinking strictly to New Year’s Eve party. As alternatives to the sequin dress, I recommend a fancy velvet dress or one with lace details.


If you don’t feel like showing off your legs on New Year’s Eve, you can go for fancy jumpsuits. Think big and go for precious fabrics like velvet, so in this winter, or premium lace.


Laid back New Year’s Eve party with friends, at home

Even if your plans for New Year’s Eve is a low-key party with friends and family that does not mean you can’t glam up. You need to mix and match casual pieces of clothing in a way that looks festive, but not too festive, just a laid-back look.

Think of a crisp white shirt, medium heel boots, and a chic mini skirt. Add some shiny accessories, red lips, and you’re ready.


Or pick an oversized sweater that you like wearing, a pair of jeans, and high heels. You don’t need too much glam to feel good and confident in your outfit.


New Year’s Eve party at a concert, outdoors

If you plan on spending New Year’s Eve at a show, you don’t have to leave your fashion sense at home, but you must be practical. It’s going to be cold outside. So go for boots, jeans, a fancy blouse and fluffy cardigan, jacket, hat, and gloves.


For a New Year’s Eve party in a destination with beautiful weather, I recommend you dress up your jeans with open toe booties, a lace top, a velvet blazer and a pair of eye-catching crystal earrings. Your look is festive but easy to achieve, and it seems effortless.


Tips for getting the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit

Perfection is impossible to achieve because each one of us has preferences, its style. But most of the time, respecting certain limits, style rules, you can aim for perfection with the chosen outfit.

# 1 Be careful at textures and fabrics

If you wish as your New Year’s Eve look, a piece of “precious” material such as sequins, velvet, delicate lace, the other components of the outfit should be neutral. Their purpose is to make the statement piece glow, not to take from the brilliance of the star.

For a sequin dress the jewelry, the clutch, and shoes should be chosen in neutral hues. They should be as discreetly as they can be.

On the other hand, if you opt for a simple dress in a solid color you have a free hand in using eye-catching accessories: a pair of sparkly shoes or a pop clutch, oversized accessories that will complement your outfit.

# 2 Too many accessories can spoil your outfit

Below I’ve listed some quotes by Coco Chanel, quotes that are valid in fashion. For who wants to hear and understand them, of course.

“A woman may be too dressed, but never too elegant.”

“Before going out of the house, look in the mirror and take down an accessory.”

“I love luxury. And luxury does not consist in wealth and decoration, but in the absence of vulgarity. Simplicity is the essence of any true elegance.”

“There is no perfume-free elegance. It is the unseen, sublime and unforgettable accessory. It announces your arrival and prolongs your presence after you leave.”


Wear good clothes, do not impose yourself like Christmas trees. Give up on one piece of jewelry when leaving the house (for those who know they tend to wear eye-catching sets as earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring). The perfume should not miss from any outfit. Be careful to the limits of vulgarity.

Those were my thoughts and recommendations of the day on the outfits you should wear on New Year’s Eve according to three different locations. Keep it classy and don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals and fashion trends. Happy shopping!

Featured image: pexels.com