Oscar hairstyles for special occasions this spring

With the 2016 Oscar ceremony rapidly approaching, everyone is keeping an eye on celebrities. Especially on the nominees.

This year’s list of female nominees includes some of my own favorites: the always-astonishing Cate Blanchett, the ever-so-lovable Jennifer Lawrence and the beautiful and blunt Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet.

Actresses at the Oscars have all inspired countless looks with their unique style and changing beauty looks.

What better place then to select some of the most flattering hairstyles for spring beauty if not the Academy Awards ceremony?

Now I don’t know about you, but I wholeheartedly and shamefully confess: I hardly ever watch the Oscars to see who gets the award. Me? I’m always in for the glamour.

Every year I cannot wait for the end of February to admire all those stunning dresses and all the chic and elegant hairstyles that celebrities display. Some have actually become iconic and like all things iconic, they will always pass the test of time.

I chose three timeless Oscar hairstyles for your red carpet-worthy look this spring and you only need pictures and a good hairstylist to get you going.

Even if we don’t all attend the Oscars, we all have that special event for which we want to look our best, right?

And you know what? This spring is all about the classics.

Kate Winslet’s Old-School Hairstyle

Kate Winslet hairstyle Oscars 2009
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I’ve always thought Kate Winslet has good taste, but when she showed up at the 2009 Oscar ceremony with her hairstyle resembling an architectural-like work of art she had me for life.

This wavy style with lots of texture and the almost sculptured-like-feel is perfect for when you want to look glamorous, yet incredibly elegant. Kate won an Oscar that night and she could not have chosen a more beautiful hairstyle to compliment her achievement.

Whether you choose it this spring or you come back to it in a few years, trust me: this hairstyle is forever a catch on.

Amy Adams Playful Up-Do Style

Amy Adams hairstyle Oscars
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A premium hairstyle, one that is easy to recreate and doesn’t take a lot of time either is Amy’s style of up-do, which she chose for the ceremony in 2013. Notice how it doesn’t look like much from the front?

But it’s got such a unique touch from behind, a bit messy too, that it just creates that perfect blend of elegant and sexy.

This hairstyle is easily doable and if you master a few hairstyling tricks yourself, you can even attempt to recreate this look on your own.

Sandra Bullock’s Sleek Hairstyle

Sandra Bullock hairstyle Oscars
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I personally feel that simplicity is sometimes the best way to go when it comes to styling your hair. Especially when you have the most astonishing outfit, and that’s what Sandra Bullock wore at the 2010 Oscar ceremony.

Classy, but not too retro her Oscar hairstyle went on smoothly with the long, glossy dress she chose. This one is most appropriate for perfectly straight hair (thank you, flat iron) and recommended if you love shiny looks.

You can create the sleek finish if you just apply silky serum to hair, but it’s also extremely important when you want to achieve that sleek style to deep condition your hair.

Those were my thoughts of the day on the stylish Oscar hairstyles  perfect for special occasions this spring. Keep it classy and…don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals and fashion trends.

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