4 perfect outfits for both the office and the date

We are all busy nowadays! Aren’t we? And God knows how many times we were in a rush to look great both during the work schedule and also at that date we planned right after the job day is done with your always groomed guy.

For men things are lots easier because they only have to match their shoes to their suit to save time but when it comes to women most of the cases what we wear at work cannot be also worn on a date and vice versa.

Well, my role here is to give you some advice in a bid to save your precious time in busy days like these when you have a date planned right after work and you simply can’t get home to change your outfit.

Here are 4 flawless outfits perfectly suitable both for work days and for date nights. All you have to do is to freshen up your make up when you leave work, add bit of perfume and you’re ready for the date.

The white top outfit

A white top is an excellent garment, be it a shirt, a blouse or even a T-shirt because it looks clean and professional at work and because it adds some light to your upper side of the body during a date emphasizing your neck and your face. Also, white is a color which goes along with almost any other color when it’s chosen for tops.

I propose you match it with a midi black or navy A line skirt to make your waist look slimmer. As shoes you can opt for Kim’s style evening sandals with 2 straps or for a pair of uni pointed shoes or even a colorful pair of ones to add a contrast to your clothes.

Jamie Chung
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The denim outfit

Everything is blue! And we are all aware that blue is the color of professionalism, so we don’t have to worry that it isn’t suitable for an workday even if you choose it on denim clothes.

For a date it’s even more perfect because it kinda gives the impression that you didn’t spend too much time getting ready and that you look extraordinary anyway.

You match a denim shirt with a denim skirt, only take care not to be exactly the same shade of blue, or you can opt for a denim dress – very fashionable these days. Match this type of outfit with light brown nude shoes: sandals, flats or heeled.

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The black midi dress

Ran out of inspiration? Never with the black dress, a timeless piece of garment.

All you have to do is to make sure you choose a serious model, not too cropped around your neck and half sleeved. You’ll look very professional in it at work and very stylish at your date. Add some small gold jewelry and high heels.

Kate Mara
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The flower print top

At least but not last, the flower print top. Why is it suitable both for work and dates?

We are women after all and from time to time we can show a little bit femininity even at work. And for that a flower print top (blouse or shirt) is perfect. You can match it with a pair of jeans and a nude large bag or with a black pencil skirt and a small tote bag. Be sure you wear heels. It makes you look sharp at work and confident on a date.

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This being said, take care to get some good sleep the night above. Remember, whatever you’ll choose to wear, it only looks great if you look rested and fresh all day long.

Those were my thoughts of the day on the 4 chic perfect outfits for both the office and the date. Keep it classy and…don’t forget to subscribe to our free newsletter for more online deals and fashion trends.

.…happy shopping!