Shades of lipstick: when and when not to wear bold dark


Those days when you really don’t feel like dressing up, everybody has them so no need to feel guilty about it. To come to the rescue, believe it or not, is every woman’s secret weapon – the lipstick.

Why secret?

Well, because you may own about a dozen of them, but isn’t it true there’s that particular one that seems to make you always feel flirtatious and sophisticated?

If you’ve not found it yet, it’s there somewhere waiting for you too. The perfect signature shade – the secret to all those lazy days when all you want to do is just put on the classic jeans and a T-shirt combo, be on your way and still have a rockin’ look.

And you’ll know it: that lipstick, pigment-rich, bold color, and long lasting will work its magic no matter what clothes you put on.

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From time to time however, we all feel the need to stray away from pretty & nice lip colors and try something bolder. And when it comes to shades of bold dark, wearing them whenever may turn out to be a much-uninspired idea.

That’s why I’ve rounded up the following tips to help you mix and match lipstick and times to wear so they don’t get in the way of life.

3 times when it’s perfectly OK to wear shades of dark

  • When your eye look is minimal

Especially when you’re trying out a dark lip for the first time, you’re going to want to keep eye makeup as minimal as possible. This way you won’t be stealing the focus from the lips, and you’ll avoid looking too vampire too. Just look simple and let the lipstick say it all.

  • When it’s evening

There’s nothing sexier about a woman sometimes than how she wears her lipstick. Wearing a glossy dark lip color in the evening can have quite an effect – on you and on everyone else.

  • When you have the focus

Dark colors usually take more time to apply because you have to do it properly so it looks good. You should first give your lips a scrub using a gentle exfoliant, then start with lining your lips, follow-up with applying the lipstick, and use a tissue to blot your lipstick afterwards.

Continue with powdering the lips lightly (use can use the same powder you have for face) to set the shape, and finally apply another layer of color.

3 times when it’s not OK to wear shades of dark

  • When your lips are dry

Dark lipstick and chapped lips are not the best of friends. Definitely avoid putting on darker shades on your lips when they’re dry and flaky because the bold color will make it that much more visible. Not to mention the lipstick will flake off itself.

  • When you’re going on a dinner date

You were taught good manners, I know, but no matter how good the manners, there’s just no going around greasy food. You can’t rock a darker shade when you’re hamburger-ing, that’s for sure. Taking small bites isn’t going to do it either; the best way to avoid smudging on a dinner date is to avoid darker shades entirely or at least until the third date.

  • When you shop for groceries

That late fashion show might’ve made it look like Bordeaux and plum are the easiest colors to wear and now you want to have a go at it yourself. That’s fine, but don’t bold it up when you’re shopping for groceries. Be classy about when you wear dark, bold color on your lips.

You can work a darker color when shopping or during your random daytime activities, but make it sheer. After all, how much of a confidence booster do you really need when shopping?

Finding the right shade of dark color for your lips is really a hit and miss. Unless you’re the same skin type as your friend, the color that works for her will most likely not fit your skin tone.

Don’t get discouraged. To save you any regrets, it’s always a good idea to try the lipstick on before you buy it.

Here are some choices for dark lipstick: bordeaux, plum, violet, dark brown are high on top for this fall.

Dark lipsticks – online recommendations

MAC Plum Lipstick
MAC Plum Lipstick

Nars Semi-matte Lipstick
Nars Semi-matte Lipstick

Stila Stay all day matteificent Lipstick
Stila Stay all day matteificent Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

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Keep it classy, stylish and .…happy shopping!