How to: Smokey eye make-up like a pro


So many makeup mistakes can leave you looking anything but OK that best we don’t get into that right now.

Today’s not about the mistakes you might be making, but about ways to make your make-up look like you’ve just stepped out of a professional beauty salon.

I mean, let’s face it. We don’t always ace our make-up and however many skills we may have attained over the years, there are still going to be days when that metallic smokey eye will look more like one of those crazy ridiculous expensive works of art that sell for millions of dollars. Or like a spooky Halloween makeup. Kind of like this:

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That is not what we want. We want feminine, beautiful eyes. All kinds of something like this:

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Smokey eyes aren’t as difficult to create as popular culture has it. If you’ve been skipping the practice because it seemed way too unattainable, then the following few tricks and step-by-step guide should come in handy.

Makeup primer comes first

Whenever you try smokey eyes, in fact, whenever you apply eye make-up of whatever sorts of style, think about how you don’t want your artful result to smear few hours after putting it on. You want it to last for as long as possible, right?

An eyeshadow primer is going to keep your make-up together long past the clock has struck midnight. It’s also going to allow your eyeshadow to go on more smoothly, making it easier to apply make-up.

Apply face make-up before creating the eye look

If you use concealer, this would be the perfect time to apply. Before you get to that smoky eye, apply a creamy concealer to hide all the dark or red spots, then help yourself to a fluffy brush and put some powder over so it sets nicely.

Choose your favorite colors

Smokey eye isn’t about applying loads of black eyeshadow. A smokey eye is a style of makeup meant to accentuate your eyes, and you create the look by layering shades of a similar hue and blending the shadows. It means that you can choose between any of your favorite colors: could be brown, could be green, could be purple.

You should however, pick at least three shades of color: a lighter one, a neutral shade, and the darker smokey color.

You want colors to make your eyes stand out and your face look pretty, but not something that is too distracting. So make sure you choose colors that match your skin tone.

Now let’s get started to creating those sexy smokey eyes, shall we?

How to: Smokey eyes make-up like a pro

  1. Apply the lighter color with a small or medium flat brush all across your lid. You can use a shimmery shade (like a light shade of gold) if you want to create a daytime smokey eye. Make sure you only apply the shade onto your lid, and you’re not accidentally working your way up above the crease.
  2. Time for the neutral/medium shade to step in. Take your fluffy brush and blend the color smoothly through the crease using small circular motions or an upward-outward move so that colors blend in to a nice fade.
  3. To sweep the darker smokey color use same fluffy blending brush and apply to the outer corner of the eye, work it a bit way up to the crease, but make sure you don’t go past the halfway of your lid. Only blend in the outer corner. To balance your smokey eyes, apply a small amount of the darker shade to the lower lash line. You can also add a bit of the lighter shadow to the inner corner of the eye for extra sparkle.
  4. If you want to accentuate the brow bone, dust it with some of that lighter shadow. The more shimmering and creamier it is, the more it’s going to intensify your look.
  5. Final step: blend shadows with a smudge brush so that edges are smokin’ smoothly and you can’t tell where each shade begins or ends.

Choice is yours if you want to line up or not, but definitely consider putting on mascara. A smokey eye without it is like an unfinished painting – beautiful but lacks that final touch that makes it fascinating.

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