3 travel looks for the fashionista in you


We all love travelling but when it comes to what we’d wear, we always experience the doubt of comfort because travelling imposes lots of hours spent in the same clothes.

Thus comfort is the key solution in finding the proper travel outfit. Carrying your stuff in something enough spacious is another important thing in a travel outfit then, feel free to customize it with items fitting your style.

I’ve prepared three travel looks for you by the above exposed criteria.

Never underestimate the power of jeans. Short or long, jeans is fabulous, it’s versatile and comfortable, it’s divers and easy to be worn, it’s style matching, both elegant and casual. It’s maybe… the perfect pair of trousers so you’ll notice it in every look below because it’s the definition of comfort.

The other important thing in the travel outfit is the carriage accessory. You’ll have to mark somehow the fact that you’re travelling and the backpack is the best at doing it because.

Traveling can also be extremely fashionable if you know how to customize your outfit. Here are the three travel looks matching three fashion directions I want to talk about where the backpack and jeans are the resistant pieces of the outfit.

The romantic wanderer

Greys and pastels are everything, so here’s an outfit created from basic pieces. A black leather backpack and skinny light blue jeans, grey knotted top, grey long blazer and block heel booties.


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The curious kiddo

We all want to look younger from time to time and traveling is the best scenario to play this role. Nobody knows who you are so it doesn’t really matter the impression you’ve left them. Dark blue jeans and black backpack, stripped top, black Oxford shoes and, of course, a black beanie with a sewed message and a handwatch.


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The fashionable nomad

This black and white with a gold touch minimalistic style astonishes by its simplicity and luxury. The black fur backpack and the black pair of jeans are matched with a white bottom ornamented blouse and accessories with golden accents.


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This being said, take care to get some good sleep the night above. Remember, if you feel comfortable, you look comfortable.

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Featured image: caosmagazine.com